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Hi everyone,

Welcome to my tour stop of “Illuminae” by Amie Kaurman and Jay Kristoff!

Today, I have a review for you! However feel free to visit the previous stops on the tour to find out a little more about Amie and Jay!!

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I have been trying to figure out a way to describe “Illuminae” in one sentence and this is the only thing I could come up with:

“Humans turned Zombies stuck on a spaceship and everybody dies at the end”.

Except that it is not quite true :).

So how do I tell you about “Illuminae”?! Well…

Talk about extremes here!

Kady’s only worry was to cope with a recent break up from her now ex-boyfriend Ezra. She never imagined she would have to save his skin from an untimely death.

Having now escaped a sudden attack on their planet Kerenza, Kady and Ezra have been separated. They now reside on different ships with very little chance of seeing each other ever again.

illuminaecoverEzra now a pilot and Kady an accomplished hacker, they are on their way to resettle what is now left of their colony. But their new home is still far away and danger is still looming with the perpetrator of the attack on Kerenza not only on their trail, but also responsible for manufacturing a deadly virus affecting ships on the fleet.

Will our protagonists Kady and Ezra survive?

Aside from the gripping tale that “Illuminae” is, I really enjoyed some of the questions it raised about humanity’s reliance on technology and how we would be able to cope if and when this technology misbehaves.

Having to put your trust in your “frenemy” was another interesting concept and was cleverly explored through the fascinating relationship that was Kady and AIDAN.

But my personal favourite has to be, when you think it is all over, and that you have lost absolutely everything, do you just take the easy way out or keep on fighting for the few that can’t?

“Illuminae” has certainly a plot with a lot of promise, but what made it truly original is its format. It is a real feast for the eyes and introduces a new way to, I guess…read a book! With ships schematics, maps, shipmates log entries and reports, this story is told from a very unique perspective and is absolutely engrossing. And don’t be fooled by its 600 pages it is a real page turner.

I certainly enjoyed every pages and every word and I am gladly recommending it to all.



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