My take on #ReadRedRising so far…


Hello everyone,

So I answered the call to #readredrising last week! It is still going on on Twitter at the moment so if just like me you have had Red Rising by Pierce Brown on your TBR for a while, it is the best time to just jump in and take part or you will be kicking yourself for not having it done sooner J.

IMG_20151206_193045Today’s post is a little unusual in the sense that I am part reviewing a book that I am currently reading, which I have never done before.

So without further ado, everyone please meet Darrow, a Red and a Helldiver. You will have easily guessed that with a name like that comes a pretty dangerous job description. Darrow’s function on Mars, however is essential as with other fellow Reds, he was born to prepare planet Mars for future settlers coming from dying Earth.

You would think that with such an important role, the Reds would be pretty much worshipped, but no! One of the other faction, the Golds who believe themselves to be THE faction that matters have made it their raison d’être to curtail the Reds liberties and reduce them to slaves.redrisingpic

But all this is about to change…why?! Darrow is about to die, yes you read right!!…not for long though, let me reassure you, but when he’s back he won’t be happy!

And that’s basically where I got to in the book.

Needless to say that I am really looking forward to see how Darrow who I am guessing will be now on a mission to save his people and won’t hesitate to go and kick a few Golden *sses J, but yes I am speculating.

I will of course do a full review when I get to the end and on that thought I will leave you as I have some reading to do.

Hopefully, you will pick it up and join in on the #readredrising chat on Twitter!!

See you there.



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  1. SarahClare says:

    I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far! I love this book.. and I’m loving #ReadRedRising 😀


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