Book Review: “The Icarus Show” by Sally Christie

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“Two sides of the same coin” would probably sum up nicely this debut, but it would be so sad if I just stopped there.

So, let me introduce you to Alex Meadows.

Alex has only one goal in life, to remain undetected while surviving school. It’s either that or facing the firing squad every time that Alan and his cronies decide to pick a new victim to bully.

icaruspicTalking about victims, David (aka Bogsey), did not choose to remain under the radar and earned himself a sticky little nickname.  So of course, any association to Bogsey would not only be utter social suicide but would also derail Alex’s fool proof plan of a “reaction” free school life.

The thing is, it is easier said than done…

Alex soon finds out about the complexity of unknown variables and in particular the one about the enigmatic student behind the “Do you believe a boy can fly?” message that everyone is now talking about.

…And here starts Alex’s journey to unmask the culprit. Unbeknownst to him though, he will embark on a slightly different one.

I would love to ask the author how much of this piece is autobiographical. Who knows, it might not be at all. However the feelings of fear of bullying were wonderfully captured and conveyed, and those feelings, we can all relate.

One last note on the final message of this book, which is a rather positive and hopeful one is that anything is possible in life, even life beyond a bully.

This is a lovely story of an unlikely friendship bringing two boys together ultimately teaching them that there is strength in numbers and that no journey needs to be a lonely one.



Thanking Team @DFB_storyhouse for providing me with a review copy of this title.


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