My Stop on the “Things We Know By Heart” tour…with a review


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Hello everyone and welcome to my tour stop. Today I have a review of “Things We Know By Heart” which I recommend as one to read this summer, should you run out of ideas of what to pick.

I hope you’ll enjoy!!



God forbid we ever lose loved ones. And when it happens, the further in time the better.

However if you were to ever face this most distressing life changing event, would knowing that the heart of your loved one now helping another live a life that would have otherwise been cut short, give you closure and help you move on?

thingsweknowbyheartWould you do everything in your power to find the recipient even if this meant going against their wishes of ever be contacted by the donor’s family, however cruel this may seem? Well, Quinn did take that risk, when her beloved Trent’s accident made him a suitable donor to Connor.

Quinn is only planning to see Connor from afar and then go home to carry on with her life. Will crossing this line be the biggest mistake she’ll ever make and is she ready to deal with the consequences of her action?

Earlier this year, I read a YA novel dealing with the gruelling physical and emotional turmoil that an organ recipient goes through having to identify with a body part that was not originally his or hers. However, in “Things We Know By Heart” Jessi Kirby explores, another side, the side of the ones that were left behind.

This is not an easy topic to read and I imagine even less to write and this story does not in any way lessens the significance of what a receiving person is going through, it just showcases a different perspective.  Here the author weaves in a beautiful story around a painful theme respectfully lightening the seriousness that it is due.

This does not mean that Quinn and Colton’s budding relationship won’t tug at your heartstrings because it will. And you will undoubtedly feel every moment of joy and struggle that both encounter on their guilt ridden path to acceptance of this new life, this new love.

A heart wrenching journey through love and life that I will happily recommend to all fan of YA romance.



Thanking Team @harper360UK for providing me with a copy of this title for review.


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