My stop on the “Dylan The Doctor” tour with a review

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Hello everyone,

Today I have the pleasure to kick start the “Dylan The Doctor” by Guy Parker-Rees blog tour with a review! Enjoy!


It is fair to say that “Dylan The Doctor” has become a bedtime read favourite in our household. Not only because of the story following Dylan attending to his patients, Jolly Otter, Titchy Chick and Purple Puss, but also for the level of interactivity present in this really sweet tale that is enabled by a sub character I have named “The Lady Bird”.

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This little lady bird although literally staying on the side-lines follows the story and invites the reader at certain stages of the book to provide some input on his/her own experience in relation to the story.

Now back to Dylan and our friends who also come to rescue Dylan himself. It is understandable that tending to all his friends and running his Kennel-hospital would take its toll. And when this happens, Jolly Otter, Titchy Chick and Purple Puss all rise to the challenge together to provide our friend Dylan with some well deserved TLC.

This lovely illustrated story simply conveys one great message, which is that sometimes, even the ones who help us, need help! This is definitely something worth sharing.



Thanking team @scholasticuk for providing me with a copy of this title.



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  1. keebslac1234 says:

    Thanks for reviewing this one! I’ll be looking for a copy!

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