Book Review: “Wing Jones” by Katherine Webber

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Wing is a fifteen year old teen who like most of the young people in her age group is very familiar with that awkward and uneasy feeling of not quite fitting in. There is no one quite like her at school and her Ghanaian and Chinese mixed heritage is not helping, however living in the shadows of her athlete brother Marcus who seem to have made a success of abiding by his own rules, has made school life bearable, but then, tragedy strikes.

Wing Jones is now met with many more obstacles and pressures she did not expect to be added to those of her school life and she will have to expertly navigate through those, and become the rock that her family unbeknownst to them has now to rely on.

wingjonesYou may say, ok so, nothing spectacular or remotely different even, from the many YA fiction adorning our bookshops in term of plot, however the difference here, lies in how the story is being told.

I ask you, how many of you can identify with a mixed race teen with two spiritual guides and a gift for running? Not many I bet. But this is just it, Katherine Weber’s story telling gift will make it so easy for you to engage with Wing and run with her through the finish line that you will not know what hit you.

I have so many favourite moments in this tale, spanning from Wing honing her gift, to her crush on Aaron. And don’t get me started on the constant bickering between Wing’s grandmothers, LaoLoa and Granny Dee, which is only thick camouflage for the profound love and respect they both share for one another.

One thing I was worried about, was the results of Marcus’s detrimental actions which was the catalyst for many unfolding events in Wing’s life and her family. Was Katherine going to somehow write an ending happier than it ought to have been by letting Marcus off the hook?

The truth is, bad things happen to good people but good people do many bad things as well.  What do you do if the perpetrator is one of your own?

That is the question that Wing has to answer, and just like her, I will leave up to you to decide.



Thanking team @walkerbooksya for provided me with a review copy of this title.


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  1. Chelley Toy says:

    Eeeekkkkk fab review! I can’t wait to jump into this asap x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you sweetie, you’re going to looooove it!


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