My stop our ‘That Asian Kid’ Tour by Savita Kalhan with a review + Giveaway

Don't forget to hop on all the stops!Hello all,

Today in my stop on Savita’s blog tour for a newly released title ‘That Asian Kid’.

I hope you will enjoy this review and that you will be thinking about picking up the book on your next book shopping opportunity.

What if being in the wrong place at the wrong time meant the solution to all your problems?
Would you take the chance to throw someone under the bus to save your own skin?

It’s something that no 15-year-old should have to worry about, but for Jeevan things are different. Life is about to test his resolve in more ways than one. An excellent student in all subjects should have him in good stead for taking his upcoming exams, but one teacher has decided to take it upon herself to keep him down and restraint his progress regardless of his great results, so she can make sure he stays where she thinks he belongs. And keeping him down she does. Taking every opportunity to belittle him whenever she can.

It will take Jeevan a near miss encounter with his teacher, catching her in a compromising position, all captured on his digital device giving him some leverage should he be forced to use it.

There is an interesting dynamic throughout the book, drawing attention to the voices within it. Those of the younger people who are hardly listened to or believed because the words of an adult, especially one with questionable intentions but in a position of authority could be believed over theirs. This is what Jeevan will have to face to clear his name and stay in school to take his exams.

That Asian Kid was a real page turner for me and I was sad to leave Jeevan and his school friend behind. A great story that will please both young and older readers. Definitely one not to miss.

And now for the giveaway just follow the tweet!



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