Book Review: ‘Rose, Interrupted’ by Patrice Lawrence

Out of the frying pan into the fire comes to mind!

Meet Rose and Rudder.

While one sibling has decided she will do anything to shed her Pilgrim skin, even if her methods are questionable and have far reaching consequences the other, too young to bear the guilt inflicted by his former community, is desperate to go back.

For Rose, a young girl who has been raised in a strict religious cult calling anything outside it blasphemous, the Wordly World is full of new possibilities and an opportunity for her to be free, even if navigating it has its pitfalls.

There is no forgiving the community responsible for the scarring of her little brother’s hands. Hands of a young boy whose only crime was to let his imagination run wild through the pages of a book opening him to a world full of magic. For Rudder, this new world is constant punishment, which in his opinion is all he deserves if he has any chance to atone for what he sees as his many sins and the only way to be a Pilgrim again. Either way, for both protagonists adjusting to this new life is far from easy, for the rules in the Wordly World seems as difficult to adhere to as the rules in the Pilgrim community.

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From Rose’s naivety taken advantage of to Rudder’s fragile trust shattered with a click on his mobile phone, added to less than ideal living conditions exhausting their mother working every hour of the day to keep them afloat, their already precarious situation tips quickly into catastrophe, leaving no other choice to Rose but to reintegrate the Pilgrim way of life in exchange for some help for her mum and brother. A worthy sacrifice in her eyes that Rudder will only see as further punishment.

‘Rose Interrupted’ is a one of a kind story, giving a voice to a young girl and her brother adapting to a new way of life but from two different perspective eventually becoming the heroes of their own stories. It is one of those books, where no knight in a shining armour will come to the rescue but rather the saving will be done through shear strength character and a title that I am definitely happy to recommend.

I also loved the nod to Luton ;).


Thanking @teambkmrk for providing me with a copy of this title.


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