Book Review: “Banished” (The Blackhart Legacy Book 1) by Liz de Jager

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This was my first time coming across a book looking at the world of Fae as warriors. I am sure that they are plenty out there but for me that was quite a refreshing read.

I have been so used to the vampire werewolf and witch trio being always at war that I have never considered the fae’s warrior’s spirit, no doubt overshadowed by their reputation as tricksters.

So without further ado, I would like to welcome you to the “Otherwhere” where ancient magic and magical creatures of all sorts reside. A world separated by a very fine mystical membrane where our own non-magical world known as the “Frontier”, sees unauthorised visitors slipping through the cracks way too often.

banishedOne particular family amongst others is tied to both worlds. They are The Blackharts, with their newest member Kit Blackhart who is not only untrained but unusually bestowed with a magic she is unfamiliar with. She is thrown in the family business of hunting all magical law breakers to send them back to the Otherwhere.

Apart from being highly entertaining, if you just like me enjoy a good piece where the author provides, although a familiar world, her own version of that world, you will not be disappointed. Liz de Jager has constructed historical records of ancient magical history so rich that it needed its own secret government organisation to record it through centuries, giving it a real “Buffy” feel. However, this is where the similarities to the pop culture reference ends.

My only tiny winy bit of criticism however is Kit’s journey to Scotland that I found personally a little long winded.

Aside from that, I absolutely loved Kit. Her story is a lovely one of coming of age where strength and resilience is at the core. You will meet a Kit stripped of everything she holds dear trying to find herself as a young woman in a world she barely knows. The expression “through the eyes of a child” comes to mind here.

“The Blackhart Legacy” is definitely a series to watch. I for myself cannot wait to read it all.

Lovers of YA fantasy will absolutely love it 😍 !

I almost wish the whole trilogy was already out as it would be a perfect booklover Xmas gift.




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