My last reads of 2015

Never too late to talk about 2015 reads even if we’re in 2016.

2015 as a reading year for me was quite challenging, so much so that to read as many books as possible, I kind of left the reviewing part on the side. I did managed to read 60 books though, which makes it 120 books in 2 years. Not bad!

I still wanted to do a wrap up of the last books I read but did not get to review yet (which I will do in 2016, after all there are over 360 days left 😉 to do so), so here it goes!

First up!

“Six of Crows” by Leigh Bardugo


This was my first trip to the Grishaverse, which I definitely enjoyed. I followed Kaz and his crew for one heck of a heist!! A great taster if you have not read Leigh Bardugo before. And just like me, this will make you undoubtedly go for the author’s back catalogue and check out the Trilogy that started it all…The Grisha.



Next was

“I Call Myself A Feminist” by Victoria Pepe & Co.callfeminist

This was my one and only Non-Fiction read of the year and I absolutely loved it. An account of 20-30 something women
sharing their experience and what Feminism means to them. By the way, don’t be alarmed by the title of the piece, if you are a man supporting (or not) the feminist movement, you’re quite welcome to read it. It is an inclusive read.


vowed“Vowed” by Liz de Jager was fourth

And was the sequel to “Banished: The Blackhart Legacy” that I reviewed and that I also highly recommend. I absolutely loved seeing Kit’s growth in this instalment and cannot wait to read her more in the upcoming “Judged”, the last instalment in the series. The world created in this series is simply magical…literally!!



Ahhhhh! “The Young Elites” by Marie Lu

What a fantastic series read! You have to wonder sometimes how writers come up with those ideas. theyoungelites

Adelina, is a survivor of a Blood Fever, which makes her very special. She is drawn into a world she does not know, with others just like her but to be one of them. She will have to learn how to survive and her survival might come at a great loss. YA Fantasy fans, will love this!



sagavol1Saga was my first graphic novel ever! This is by Brian K. Vaughan (Writer), Fiona Staples (Artist)

A very quick but enjoyable read about a bi-racial couple who are supposed to be enemies at war, but love has decided otherwise. They are desperately trying to leave their soldier ways behind to offer a better life to their newborn baby girl

I have become an instant fan of the series!


“Lafcadio, The Lion Who Shot Back” by Shel Silversteinlafcadio

Lafcadio was my last children’s read of the year and tells the story of a Lion who ends up being the most human lion on the
planet, even up to the end of the story.

Great read with lots of marshmallows :).

Last but not least!

redrisingpic“Red Rising” by Pierce Brown

This was my last read of 2015.

I was late jumping on the Red Rising band wagon and in a way, I am sooooo pleased as there are another two books in the series. At least, I will be travelling back to that world for a while.


Voila!! This closes the chapter of my reading journey in 2015!



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